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SOS-Youth Retreat for APRN Leaders
SOS  =  Salutogenesis-Oriented Solutions
APRNS Partner with Asian Communities to Address 
High Suicide Risk and Lack of Belonging in Wisconsin Youth

​​Behavioral Mental Health Culture Diplomacy Retreat 

for Wisconsin APRN Leaders

Funded by:

Wisconsin Pediatric Mental Health Care Access and Education Grant

  • Preparing WI APRNS to Lead Salutogenesis - Oriented - Solutions (SOS) for Communities with Asian Wisconsin Youth at Risk for Suicide and Low Sense of Belonging.




  • APRNs Partner with Asian WI communities to address high suicide risk and increase sense of belonging among the youth.


SOS - Youth, a collaboration between Golden Apple Healing Arts, LLC and the Wauwatosa Woman’s Club, provides APRN education and support to partner with Asian WI communities to address high suicide risk and increase sense of belonging among the youth.

Program Director
Dr. Martha Libster 

SOS - Youth APRN Program Details

  • 2-day Onsite Seminar. Wauwatosa Woman's Club.

  • FREE Registrations Available for Each of Three (2 day) Programs - Starting May 31, 2024

  • Lunch and Afternoon Tea Provided. (Asian Cultural Immersion)

  • Accommodations Provided as Needed.

  • Seminar Followed by 4 Online Group Clinical Supervision and Self-care support sessions over 2 months (Optional)

  • Funded by WI Pediatric Mental Health Care Access and Education Grant

  • Health Culture Diplomacy Model

  • Community as Client and Partner

  • Advanced psychiatric mental health nursing skills.

  • Skills to share with other Registered Nurses and leaders in your communities to advance conversational leadership to solve tough problems

  • Interactive teaching and learning Seminar preparation to Create Your Plan to lead solutions to high suicide risk and low sense of beginning in Asian Wisconsin youth.

  • Continuing Education: The onsite Seminar portion of this educational activity is pending approval by the American Association of Nurse Practitioners® of up to 15 contact hours of accredited education.

What is Salutogenesis?

  • PATHOGENESIS = The study of the factors that cause disease. Separates health and illness. Biomedical Model used by patients and practitioners alike

  • Pathologize = Curative Focus


  • SALUTOGENESIS – The Study of the origins (genesis) of human health (salus). Salutogenic Model concerned with the relationship between health, stress, and coping. Resources help adaptation to psychosocial stressors with meaningfulness (participation, belonging, opportunity in work and service). Focuses on coherence and the role of stress in human functioning.

  • Salutogenesis = Health Promotion Plus Health Patterns


​The Wauwatosa Woman’s Club is collaborating with Golden Apple Healing Arts, LLC to provide a comfortable face to face and virtual learning environment for APRNs and World Cafe Asian Parent, Leader, and APRN community participants.

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