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Certification Program



A Return to Nursing's Powerful Historical Roots!

Partnering with plants and tapping into their amazing therapeutic abilities is essential nursing practice.


For centuries, nurses have been masters at caring for people with medical and mental health conditions with plants as partners.


As the healthcare system becomes more detached from the natural world, nurse-herbalism makes a long-overdue come-back—and the Self-Care Institute at Golden Apple Healing Arts is leading the way!

  • Are you enthusiastic about working with plants as partners?

  • Are you excited about taking a leading role in bringing herb-based healthcare back to your community?

  • Would you like to train with an internationally acclaimed leader and authority in nurse-herbalism who will assist you in making your personal nurse-herbalist practice plan?


Then read on, for our Nurse-Herbalism Certification Program

is what you have been waiting for!


See Information Below!

"Dr. Martha's Nurse-Herbalism Program is Different"


What Is the EOC®Nurse-Herbalist Certification Program?

The three modules of the Nurse-Herbalist Certification Program at Golden Apple Healing Arts  will “root” your love of plant remedies deeply within the nursing scope of practice.


The program specifically addresses the legal, ethical, cultural, and professional practice issues for Registered Nurses, Advanced Practice Nurses, Certified Nursing Assistants, Educators, and Coaches, who apply and/or teach the application of herbs in the care and comfort of clients across their lifespan.

"This Program is the Best for APRNs!"

Join Dr. Martha Libster, international leader in Nurse-Herbalism!


  • 7- 12 month program, 128  hours.

  • Learn online (synchronous) during a 2-day education retreat and then study at your own pace.

  • Four webinars (recorded).

  • Refresh and reward yourself with Module 3 - a 3-day Herbs and Flowers Retreat in Wauwatosa Village, Wisconsin, USA - May/June 2024 (TBD).

  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!

This program draws upon evidence from research, expert practice, and the history of healing traditions

as well as the students’ own plant relationships to model an integrative approach to plant partnership

in practice.


It includes content on translating botanical science to practice, traditional healing with plants, integrative nursing theory and practice, herbal recipes and remedies, cultural diplomacy and coaching skills, and Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine philosophy in the application of the elements of nurses’ nature care—fire, air, water, earth, and ether.


Case studies of nurse-herbalism in a variety of practice settings, such as hospitals, clinics, home health, and hospice agencies, are provided to inspire the development and implementation of your own practice plan.


Want to Study with Dr. Martha?


Dr. Martha Libster, an Advanced Practice Nurse, has practiced herbal medicine for more than three decades. She has written two authoritative books on the subject: The Nurse-Herbalist and The Integrative Herb Guide for Nurses. Her book Herbal Diplomats is an award-winning classic on the history of nurse-herbalism.

Whatever your current understanding of partnering with plants in comfort and care, studying with Dr. Martha and receiving her personal, hands-on training will take your practice of nurse-herbalism to a whole new level.


What Are the Program Outcomes and Benefits?


  1. Healing begins with Self-care. You will get to know the medicinal properties of more than 50 plants and will learn techniques that will immediately help you feel more energetic and up to the task of caring for others.

  2. You will be personally trained by Dr. Martha Libster and Dr Julie Smith Taylor, Dean of the Self-Care Institute. They will take you under their wings and you will be expertly guided every step of the way.

  3. Our nursing programs can be used for fulfillment of AHNCC professional development hours re-certification requirements. 

  4. You will meet a group of wonderful like-minded souls and form powerful alliances as you learn how to play your part in plant-focused healthcare reform.

  5. As soon as you have completed the first program module, you will be certified as a Self-Care League Instructor so that you can officially start sharing your new-found knowledge and skills with family and patients.

  6. We will help you to create a personal practice plan that you will be able to start to put into action while completing the program.

  7. You will be tutored in the legal and ethical parameters of nurse-herbalism so that you will put your new skills into practice with confidence and peace of mind.

  8. All RN and APRN certificate program participants are eligible for Self-care League Medical Science Liaison status upon completion.

  9. At the conclusion of the training program, you will receive a certificate of completion and will celebrate your accomplishment at a private graduation party in Dr. Martha's garden!


Who Is This Program For?

This certification program is designed for educators and practicing nurses: certified nursing assistants, Registered Nurses, Advanced Practice Nurses, and DNPs and PhDs. The program content will be taught to you at your level of practice.

Program Overview - 3 Modules

Module 1  
Module 1 is the study of the Elements of Care® - our Self-Care Institute's flagship program. This foundational program teaches you precision Self-care with plants as partners which you use in creating balance in body and peace of mind for yourself and for others in your care.
Next Class: January 27 - 28 2024  



Module 2

Up to 12 months guided self-study; includes 4 recorded webinars with Dr. Martha Libster


In this module you will develop your unique plan for the implementation of a precision nurse-herbalist assessment and plan of care in which you will apply herbal simples, a centuries-old healing tradition in nursing. Module 2 focuses on the study of oral applications of more than 50 plants, the integration of herbalism and nursing practice, and entering the world of healing plants by engaging in precision self-care herbal “experiments.”




Module 3


Module 3, an in-person 3-day Education and Healing Retreat with Dr. Martha Libster, provides step-by-step guidance in the development of your skills in the science of precision nurse-herbalist assessment and the art of topical and environmental applications of herbal simples in nursing care and comfort.


Refresh and reward yourself with this Herbs and Flowers Retreat in beautiful Wauwatosa Village, Wisconsin, USA


Next Retreat:   May/June 2024 TBD   Contact Dr Martha




Program Cost - 3 Modules / 6-12 Months
  • Module 1 - 550.
  • Module 2 - 1800.
  • Module 3 - 1295.
     Registration - 3645.
**2024 Nurses' Promotion - Bonus Savings
   Registration for All 3 Modules
   ONLY   2039.   Save 1606
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