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Certified Instructor Training Program

  • Become a Master of Precision Self-care
  • Grow your knowledge of Plant Partnership in Self-care
  • Join Self-care League by becoming an instructor
Be one of the first in your state or country to become a Certified Elements of Care® Instructor!
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Master the Instructor Role 

​Prospective Gentle Medicine Elements of Care® (EOC) Program Instructors will master all five elements of the EOC program to help their friends, families, and communities navigate common health concerns, life transitions, stress and opportunities for personal growth, from the comfort of their own home and garden!

Once certified, Instructors organize regular online or on-site classes to teach others all or special parts of the Elements of Care Program. Also, you can advertise your classes on our Golden Apple Healing Arts website at no charge!

Instructors join the Self-Care League Inner Circle with an annual subscription and are required to participate in Self-Care League webinars live or recorded and receive ongoing personal training (1 hour each month)  from Dr. Martha Libster, founder of the Self-Care Institute and the Elements of Care Program. Instructors also receive up to 50% discounts on products and events.


The EOC Certified Instructor Training Program



  • Learn how to teach Precision Self-Care with plants as partners 


  • Gentle Medicine for Balance in Body and Peace of Mind                                                                       (Two (Two Books in One: Book and Experiential Guide) by Dr. Martha Libster 


Training Course Details

  • Offered at regular intervals (about every 3-4 months)

  • Currently only offered online

  • Taught by Dr. Martha Libster and Self-Care League Medical Science

       Liaisons (MSLs)

  • Two-day program (9 AM - 5:00 PM Central Time on both days)

  • Cost: $349 plus cost of supplies for making herbal remedies

Teach Your Students How to

  • Design A Precision Self-care Plan with Plants as Partners

  • Apply the Energetics of Health Patterns to Health Decisions

  • Make Simple Herbal Remedies in Their Kitchen and Garden 

  • Activate the Five Elements of Personal Climate Change

  • Promote Peacemaking and the Way of the Thornless Rose

  • Master 15 Mindfulness Self-Studies with Herbs

  • Make Affordable, Informed Health Choices


Faculty Will Guide You in the Design of Your First Class Plan!

GMBBPM front cover.jpg

EOC Instructor Training Program Registration



Contact Golden Apple Healing Arts for training opportunities.

Join the Self-Care Institute



Join the Self-Care Institute (Instructor Level) and start enjoying monthly benefits!

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