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In a time when the health care system is plagued by over-prescription, over-emphasis on pathology and the de-humanization of care, nurses experience a growing gap between technical know-how and nursing’s traditional role of caring for the whole person.

Precision Nursing Science sets out to change this situation and restore the traditional intent of nursing. It is the first textbook for advanced practice and registered nurses that defines an “energetics first” integrative holistic approach to person-centered care as precision nursing science.

ISBN  979-8-9860801-0-9

For Nursing Faculty

This groundbreaking new textbook  from Dr. Martha Mathews Libster is the first textbook for advanced practice and registered nurses that defines an "energetics first" integrative holistic approach to care as precision nursing science.


It is course ready with learning outcomes, chapter objectives, case studies, reflective practice exercises, and sample assignments. Adopt this textbook and receive 95 pre-test and chapter test questions.


This book can be adopted quickly and easily in:

  • Graduate and undergraduate programs

  • Integrative holistic nursing courses and programs

  • Holistic psychiatric mental health nursing programs

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About the Author

Martha Mathews Libster, PhD, MSN, APRN-PMHCNS, APHN-BC, FAAN, is Founder and Executive Director of Golden Apple Healing Arts, an education and consultation company. Since 2006, she has led the Bamboo Bridge Global Tea House and the Nurse-Herbalist and Self-Care Institutes, innovative teaching and learning communities and forums for dialogue in health culture diplomacy.


Dr. Libster is the author of 11 books including: The Nurse-Herbalist, Integrative Herb Guide for Nurses, Demonstrating Care: The Art of Integrative Nursing, Enlightened Charity, and Herbal Diplomats. She is an inspirational speaker whose practice models are used by nurses on five continents.


Dr. Libster is a professor and award-winning historian of nursing. She is an educational program designer, board-certified holistic Psychiatric Mental Health Clinical Nurse Specialist, and Herbal Diplomat® with 30 years’ experience in the integration of traditional Chinese herbal medicine and nursing practice. She lives in Wisconsin, USA and can be reached at and

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