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Programs and Resources

​Herbalism is a nursing tradition.

Herbalism is nursing practice!

~ Dr. Martha Libster, Author The Nurse Herbalist (2012)                            

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Nurse-Herbalist Certification Program with Dr. Martha
Study at the Golden Apple Healing Arts Nurse-Herbalist Institute to become certified as a nurse-herbalist!

Certification Opportunities 


Module 1 is your 2-day online certification in Dr. Martha's Elements of Care program that includes making herbal remedies.

Module 2 Offered Online Guided Self-Study with 4 Webinars

(90 hours over 3 - 6 months)

Module 3 On-site 3-day Herbs and Flowers Healing and Education Retreat    

       2024 Nurses' Special

       Save more than $1500 when you register for the 3 module program!

Must-Have Resources for Nurse-Herbalists

The only textbooks written by a nurse-herbalist for nurse-herbalists!

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Nurse-Herbalist Self-Study Downloads

    Discounts for Premier members - Access Via SCI Members Pages


Work 1:1 with Dr. Martha

   Holistic Consultation

   Clinical Supervision (Discuss Your Cases)

  • Experience Dr. Martha's Energetics First clinical practice models in action.

  • Master your personal health patterns.

  • Engage in Health Culture Diplomacy.

  • Explore precision self-care with plants and achieve greater balance in body and peace of mind.

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Explore the Roots of Nurse-Herbalism!

Nurse-herbalism is in your professional roots!  Explore Dr. Martha's award-winning historical research:

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