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Are you seeking ways to re-create and re-locate your nursing practice?


At the Nurse-Herbalist Institute, we are building and training a community of nurses dedicated to restoring nursing practice to its historical roots in precision herbal care and Self care with plants as partners.

When this resonates with your practice, we invite you to explore our certification programs, read our books, and join our international community, the Self-Care League, dedicated to reforming 21st-century nursing care and promoting balance in body and peace of mind.


Herbalism is the spiritual force for healing the planet!


~ Welcome to the Green World ~


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Events and Master Classes 

on Precision Self-Care and Nurse-Herbalism




Integrative Holistic Nursing


Resources for Integrative Holistic Nurses


Nurse-Herbalist Resources

* Books * Programs * Articles *


Become a Member of the Self-Care Institute and join our Self-Care League!

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Health Culture Diplomacy

via our

Bamboo Bridge Global Tea House

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  • Training for Health Professionals and the Public

  • Unique use of Essential Oils

  • Application of the 5 Elements 

  • 25 Techniques Foot Reflexology Stress Relief

  • Herbal Foot Wraps for Whole Body Pain Relief

 * Three Programs of Study *

Foot Reflexology with Herbal Stress Relief - Science of  Energy Flow®

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Elements of Care®

Nurse-Herbalist Certification Program

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