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"Nurse-Herbalists partner with plants to explore the clinical applications of providing human comfort with plants as a catalyst for change. They are guided by principles and practices from science and the healing arts, demonstrating their commitment to providing counseling and care that flows from the center of a living ethic."

 ~ Martha M. Libster ~

The Nurse-Herbalist: Integrative Insights for Holistic Practice 




Nurse-Herbalists are dedicated to restoring nursing practice to its historical roots in salutogenic, holistic, integrative care and precision Self-care with plants as partners.


~ Welcome Back to the Green World ~




Integrative Holistic Nursing


Resources for Integrative Holistic Nurses


Nurse-Herbalist Resources

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Become a Member of the Self-Care Institute and join our Self-Care League!

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Engage in Health Culture Diplomacy

at the

Bamboo Bridge Global Tea House

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Foot Reflexology with Herbal Stress Relief - Science of  Energy Flow®

  • Nurse-Herbalism specializes in herbal topical applications - even to the feet!

  • Unique use of Essential Oils

  • Rooted in the 5 Elements of Care

  • 25 Techniques Foot Reflexology Stress Relief

  • Herbal Foot Wraps for Whole Body Pain Relief

 * Three Programs of Study *

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Elements of Care®

Nurse-Herbalist Certification Program

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FREE Introduction to Nurse-Herbalism

 Plants as Partners in Self-care

with Dr. Martha Libster 

Recorded Audio and Slides


Nurse-Herbalism and Herbal Diplomacy


PODCAST - Kelsie Eckert of the Remedial Herstory Project interviews award-winning historian Dr. Martha Libster to discuss how nurses led healthcare reforms in the 19th century. She asks, "Did institutionalizing and deinstitutionalizing of healthcare make it safer?"

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Legal Issues in Nurse Herbalism 

with Dr. Martha Libster

18 min Recorded Webinar

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