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Welcome to the Choreosophy Institute

~The Wisdom of the Circle~

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Choreosophy is a term that means the wisdom of the circle. Throughout time, people have gathered in circles to share their healing traditions. The Choreosophy Institute welcomes all people who would seek the harmony, peace, and wisdom found in circles of culture.

The mission of the Choreosophy Institute is establishing peace through health culture diplomacy by exploring the power within us to heal ourselves, as first taught in the ancient wisdom healing traditions and further advanced as salutogenic health science.


We seek to preserve and advance the wisdom of the circle found within the world's healing traditions through scientific research, artistic adventure, and spiritual exploration of the power of the healing environment within and without.

The vision of the Choreosophy Institute is to partner with parents, families, and communities to support children and youth as they discover their unique purpose in life, engage in service to humanity, and integrate the knowledge of ancient wisdom healing traditions and salutogenic health science in the formation of a life work that is meaningful, mindful, and memorable to self and others!


In his book, The Language of Movement: A Guide to Choreutics (1966), choreographer and dance theorist Rudolf Laban attributed the ancient Greek term choreosophia, a combination of choros meaning circles and sophia meaning wisdom, to Pythagoras and his followers, and added that “the wisdom of circles is as old as the hills.”


Choreosophy Institute founder Dr. Martha Libster began her journey with the wisdom of the circle as a professional dancer and choreographer.  Choreography, often known as the creation of dances, is more specifically defined as the designing or writing of circles. In the 1970's, Dr. Libster began her study of Laban's Choreutics, the “practical study of the various forms of (more or less) harmonised movement” and Choreology, the logic or science of circles that deals with the mental and emotional content as well as the outer form of the grammar and syntax of the language of movement in which "body and mind, are inseparably united."


As an award-winning historian, precision health care and education consultant, professor, and psychiatric clinical nurse specialist, Dr. Libster leads the practical application of this wholistic wisdom circle philosophy in the creation of unique programs that support advancement of teaching and learning communities. The vision is to prepare children and youth who would continue the time-honored study of the power of the healing environment within and without as a foundation for promoting peace through health culture diplomacy.


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