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The Elements of Care®

Precision Self-Care Program

Taking Self-care to a whole new level!


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Includes Experiential Guide!


  • Design precision Self-care plan with plants as partners

  • Apply the energetics of health patterns

  • Make simple herbal remedies in your kitchen 

  • Activate the five elements of personal climate change

  • Promote peacemaking and the way of the Thornless Rose

  • Master 15 mindfulness self-studies with herbs

  • Teach others to make affordable, informed health choices

The 5 P’s of the Elements of Care® program are:

  • Partnership with Healing Plants

  • Health Pattern Recognition

  • Primary Prevention

  • Promotion of health as balance in body and Peace of mind. 


Dr. Martha's textbook is

  • Instruction: 14 hours ( Typically over 2 days )
  • Price: $349 (does not include textbook)​


The Elements of Care® Program

  • Rooted in ancient Hermeticism, EOC is a Gentle Medicine philosophy of Five Elements that is universal and foundational to all healing traditions. Hermetic philosophy suits every creed and health belief and clashes with none.

  • The five elements make up all creation including the Self with a capital "S". The elements are fire, air, water, earth, and ether, which was known as “pneuma” or essence by the ancient Greeks. 

  • We incorporate the five elements in a Self-care plan that addresses the energetic patterns unique to the person and their relationship to the environment in which they live and serve humanity.

  • The EOC program is a precision Self-care education rather than a biomedical treatment system. 

  • Plants are not “prescribed” in the EOC system. Participants are trained to recognize their own health patterns and make informed choices about the plant partners and other non-drug solutions rooted in the five elements that are best applied in the care of Self and family.

  • Based on the historical and clinical research and more than 30 years of clinical nursing practice of Dr. Martha Libster and other health scientists, Self-care is complementary to any biomedical treatment. Self-care is foundational to any healthcare system.

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