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Precision Nursing Science:
An Energetics-First Approach 
to Integrative Holistic Nursing

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Integrative holistic nursing is a spiritual path!

~ Dr. Martha Libster ~

Get Inspired!  Dr. Martha's Guides For Establishing Your Integrative Holistic Nursing Practice

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  • NEW from Dr. Libster  Libster, M. (Jan/Feb 2023). The Tao of integrative nursing assessment (TINA): An East-West model for precision, complementarity, and inclusion in relationship-centered care. Holistic Nursing Practice. 37(1): E1-13. 


  • Module 1:  2-Day online program

  • Module 2:  Guided self-study with 4 webinars (90 hours over 4-6 months )

  • Module 3:  On-site 3-day herbs and flowers education and retreat 

What is Precision Nursing Science?

Precision nursing science is an energetics-first approach to integrative holistic care. Precision nursing science incorporates the time-honored knowledge of the energetics of the Elements of Care®ether, fire, air, water, and earth - with emerging science related to human nature, physiology, and the environment. 

What is Integrative Holistic Nursing?


Integrative holistic nursing is a spiritual path of freedom exemplifying the archetype of "mother." Nursing is service to humanity in which the truth of deep love is demonstrated in  caring actions that have meaning for each patient, family, or community and the nurse too. Integrative holistic nursing is a very practical and visionary path.

Integrative holistic nursing care energizes nurses and patients alike. We provide physical, emotional, and psychological care and spiritual companionship to support a person, family, or community as they seek to find their life purpose and the meaning in their health challenges. Each nurse discovers their unique way of demonstrating care. One of my specific contributions is advancing the practice of nurse-herbalism as partnership with plants in care.


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Dr. Libster's Healing Relationship Model Published in her book

Demonstrating Care

​You Belong Here!

I would love the opportunity to share this beautiful path with you that I have been walking for 33 years. You have come to the right place for some new tools for your integrative holistic nursing toolbox so that you can go forward with your dream of helping others with confidence! 


~ Inspirational Stories ~
Founders of Integrative Holistic American Nursing!

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