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Welcome to the Self-Care Institute

Self-Care Survey: 
  • Do you like the freedom to take care of yourself? Your family?
  • Do you want greater precision in your self-care choices?
  • Do you want greater balance in body and peace of mind?
If you said yes to any of these questions, you have come to the right place!


  • Reform Healthcare - Starting with Self-care

  • Advance Precision Self-care with Plants as Partners 

  • Establish Balance in Body and Peace of Mind 

  • Integrate Timeless Healing Traditions and Modern Science

  • Expand Consciousness Studies in the Five Elements of Self-care

  • Promote Informed Decision Making in Health Care 

  • Inspire Non-Drug Solutions 

  • Teach How to Recognize Health Patterns

  • Support Spiritual Care in Nursing and Community Health

  • Restore Faith in Self-care as the Foundation of Health Care

​The Self-care Institute offers free resources as well as different membership options.


Premier Membership Includes:

  • Monthly Webinar - Archived for Viewing Anytime

  • Monthly Webinar Information Bundle  

  • Secrets of Precision Self-care Newsletter

  • Course and Product discounts.


Webinar schedule for 2024!

Precision Self-Care 

Specialty Departments:

  1. Precision Self-care with Plants as Partners

  2. Integrative Holistic care

  3. For Your Family

  4. Spirituality and Consciousness

  5. Bamboo Bridge Global Tea House

  6. Nurse-Herbalism

  7. Recipes & Remedies


Precision Self-Care with Plants

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  • Resources for Balance in               Body and Peace of Mind   

  • Non-Drug Solutions 

  • Energetics of Foods

  • Precision Self-Care with Plants

  • Elements of Care Program

For Your Family

Family Unwrapping


  • Teach Your Child Self-care 

  • Self-care Stress Relief for Parents and Caregivers

  • Non-Drug Solutions for Disruptive Behavior

  • Health Solutions for Raising Sensitive Children

GAHA-Cover Spirit.jpg

  • Mindfulness Practice

  • Consciousness of People and Plants

  • Hermeticism and the 5 Elements

  • Life Purpose

  • Reincarnation

  • Climate Change Solutions

  • Spirituality 

  • Ancient Healing Traditions

Spirituality and Consciousness


GAHA-Cover NH.jpg

  • Tao of Integrative Nursing Assessment

  • Elements of Care for Nurses​

  • Making Herbal Medicines and Applications

  • Person-centered Care

  • Nursing Art and Science

  • Legal and Practice Considerations

Recipes & Remedies


Bamboo Bridge

Global Tea House 

GAHA-Cover BBB.jpg


  • Peacemaking

  • Health Care Reform

  • Health Culture Diplomacy Training

  • Training For Young Healers

  • Wisdom Keepers

  • Global Tea Houses



  • Salutogenesis-Oriented

  • Decoding Health Patterns

  • Integrative Herbal Medicine

  • Imagery - Accessing The Power Within

  • Foot Reflexology with Herbal Stress Relief

  • Energy Flow and Energetics in Healing

  • Science of Energy Flow


Integrative Holistic Care

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