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Self-Care League

Consultants, Medical Liaisons, and Instructors 

                         Self-Care League Mission

  • Advance Precision Self-care with Plants as Partners 

  • Establish Balance in Body and Peace of Mind 

  • Integrate Timeless Healing Traditions and Modern Science

  • Expand Consciousness Studies in the Five Elements of Self-care

  • Promote Informed Decision Making in Health Care 

  • Inspire Non-Drug Solutions 

  • Teach How to Recognize Health Patterns

  • Support Spiritual Care in Nursing and Community Health

  • Restore Faith in Self-care as the Foundation of Health Care


Dr. Martha Libster talks about

Precision Self-care with Plants as Partners

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Experiential Guide


Herbal Diplomat® Consultants & Trainers


Martha Mathews Libster



Dr. Martha, founder of The Self-care Institute at Golden Apple Healing Arts and the Bamboo bridge Herbal Diplomats®  is delighted to welcome you to the Self-care League! Our focus is teaching people and communities of all ages precision Self-care with plants as partners. 

More about Dr. Martha.


Bamboo Bridge

Global Tea House

Health Culture Diplomacy


Integrating tradition and technology in community-based solutions for Health Care Reform, Balance in Body and Peace of Mind through Health Culture Diplomacy.

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Dr. Julie Smith-Taylor


North Carolina

Dr. Julie, Dean of the Self-Care Institute at Golden Apple Healing Arts, is a women's health nurse practitioner, nurse-herbalist, and Herbal Diplomat® committed to opening the heart, mind, and body to self-care and healing. She also is certified in Science of Energy Flow Foot Reflexology with Herbal Stress Relief. Dr. Julie partners with horses as well as plants in creating health and healing experiences.

More about Dr. Julie.


Libby Davis



Ms. Libby Davis is a Registered Nurse with experience in neurology, critical care, geriatrics, and people with special needs. Libby is of Cherokee heritage and first learned herbal medicine from her aunt, Marti (Momfeather) Erickson. She has a passion for people and animals and enjoys working in her family apiary.

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Lisa Posigian



Lisa, a Herbal Diplomat®, works as a Registered Nurse in a Post Anesthesia Care Unit. She is currently enrolled in a Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner program. Lisa also is a certified Science of Energy Flow Foot Reflexology practitioner and Facilitator of the Bamboo Bridge Global Tea House Peace Fire.


Linda Russell-Gertz



Linda Russell-Getz is the owner of InTandem Wellness, a private nursing practice that provides customized wellness and disease management programs utilizing the best of Eastern and Western health traditions.  Through the use of the InTandem Process a unique integrative nursing technique which includes, health coaching, occupational and environmental health awareness and complementarytherapies, clients learn how to use self-care to reach their health goals.  Linda specializes in the wellness of health care professionals by providing individualized programs that address issues unique to that profession.  Additional information can be obtained at

Self-care League Medical Science Liaison Nurses

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Pamela Faye

RN, BSN, Nurse-Herbalist


                                                  MN Public Nurse Health Certificate

                                                  Healing Touch Practitioner

                                                  Stone Medicine Practitioner

Pamela has 30 years experience as an RN and Healing Arts professional with hospital, home, and public settings for adults and children. She owns and operates a private holistic healing practice called the Cedarwood Spa.  Pamela assists clients of all ages with a variety of health concerns on their journey to optimal wellness.  As a passionate healer, Pamela strives to create a calm and safe environment to enhance self-directed healing, personal growth, and self-awareness.

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Janet Juricic



Janet is an Emergency Department Nurse Manager for an

Inner City Chicago hospital. She has 35 Years Home Health and Critical Care experience and is a  Scout Master for a small diverse troup. Janet is the mother of twin eagle scouts. She has been the health care provider for national scout jamboree and Order of the Arrow conferences. Janet shares her love of teaching and encouraging adults and youth in Self-care!

Anne Walters



Anne Walters is a registered nurse with experience in hospice, comfort care, and whole plant medicine. She has been with Dr. Martha and the Bamboo Bridge Global Tea House since 2006. Anne brings her life work forward through artful soup making. Her other name is “Soup Gramma”! Anne is interested in our ancestors, their soups, and healing folk remedies. She welcomes your stories about your family traditions for soups and home remedies. That is where we find great wisdom.

Mary Legois



Mary Legois is a Registered Nurse with over 30 years’ experience in Home Health Care, Hospice, Long-Term Care, and Case Management. Mary also is an instructor for Certified Nursing Assistants. She has a passion for natural healing and self-care. 

Self-care League Instructors


Ellen Presnell

RN, BSN, HN-BC, Nurse Coach-BC

North Carolina

Nursing has been Ellen's life-long service, which began as a nurse in the hospital and then a Public Health Nurse. This was followed by many years as Nurse Entrepreneur. Ellen holds two Board Certifications as an Holistic Health Registered Nurse and Integrative Nurse Coach, and she is a licensed and certified bodyworker. Through her years of service, she has remained enthusiastic and optimistic that people can continue to grow in their self-care relationships.  She believes that deepening our commitment to ourselves improves how we value our health and relationships to life.  This not only nourishes our bodies in various ways. We also grow in our relationship to each other and our planet.  Ellen is excited to share her ever-growing skill sets, with compassion and care, to those who want a better outcome with their health and well being.


Nysha Dalhgren


Nysha, owner/designer of Ardenwoods Landscape Design and The Ardenwoods has over 25 years of design and installation experience. Her passion is to create beautiful gardens and pools which bring a feeling of wellness and healing to personal space. In addition to her artistry in creating healing environments, she holds a degree in holistic nutrition and engages her love of the plant world when providing consultations. Her passion for  design precision and incorporation of botanicals into all dimensions of life led her to the Elements of Care program. Nysha’s studio is in Pasadena,California.  

Lynn H

Lynn Harrigan


Lynn Harrigan, MA, the owner of Custom Health and Wellness, works as a health education consultant. She uses a customized person-centered approach to health promotion and disease prevention. Lynn’s approach seeks to ensure respect toward cultural and health beliefs. She is committed to reducing the heartbreaking number of deaths due to drug overdose and suicide that she sees first hand in her family’s funeral home business through innovations in preventive health education. Lynn is a certified Elements of Care® Instructor with the Self-care Institute, a certified nutraMetrix® consultant, and a certified Recovery Coach who has been appointed by the Wisconsin Governor to serve on the Council on Mental Health. She serves as liaison to the Wisconsin State Council on Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse.

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Sherrie Abbott


South Carolina

Sherrie considers it a privilege and an honor to be an elder Advanced Practice Clinical Nurse Specialist, still growing in the wisdom of nursing ways of knowing and being as nurses care for humanity and all life.  Sherrie’s forty seven years of nursing have focused on caring, fostering hope, creating healing relationships using the arts, field dancing in particular, as metaphor and method. Sherrie and Dr. Martha have worked together since 1994 to further the understanding of plant life as a metaphor for human and all life. Sherrie enjoys helping others to look and learn from the patterns in life and dance with their perceptions and truths. Her twenty-one years’ experience as a full-time nurse educator and twenty-six years of nursing practice in the areas of gerontology, rehabilitation, hospice care-end of life care, inform her Elements of Care work. Sherrie’s passion and interest is the ether element. Not surprisingly, her colleagues, clients, and friends often refer to her as their “Grandefaerie Caregiver” and “Fairy hospice God Mom.” Sherrie’s current practice interests are promoting how to stay in contact with the garden and exploring where plants ‘fit’ in during the dying process.


Susan T. Mathews


Susan Toomey Mathews is a home health aide and mom of two teenage boys, one of whom is on the autism spectrum. Susan is an avid investigator into the science of self-care especially herbs, nutrition, and energy therapeutics.