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Youth Chautauqua
The Budding Young Healers Program

"Chautauqua" is an event format started as an education and social movement in 19th century America to bring uplifting cultural programs to rural Americans. Chautauqua is an Iroquois term meaning “two moccasins tied together” which describes the lake where Chautauquas were first held. 


The Youth Chautauqua is a program designed for children and youth ages 9 - 18 who are budding young healers and peacemakers.



Two Plan Options - Summer School and After School

Parents and Guardians attend congruent sessions.

Family Sharing Sessions.


Faculty led by Experienced Family Counselor. 


Earn Scouting Merit Badges with Scout Master/Merit Badge Counselor


Hands On Modules:

  • First Aid

  • CPR

  • Self-Care: Health Decisions and Applications

  • Growing and Preparing Energizing Foods 

  • Demonstrating Care with Foot Reflexology

  • Change with Nature by Making Herbal Simples                  (See Healing Journeys Documentary)

  • Know Your Family Identity: Genealogy and Genograms

  • Caring Communication, Public Speaking, and Crisis Skills 

Special Add On Modules:


Traveling Tepee Village

       with Chief Matthew Black Eagle Man


Self-care and Equine-Facilitated Coaching

        with Dr. Julie Smith Taylor and G (horse)


"Healing Journeys"

Click the image to view an inspiring 5-minute documentary about teaching herbalism to high school students destined for the health professions.

This documentary was supported by the NC Arts Council.

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