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Precision Nursing Science: Integrative Holistic Nursing with the Elements of Care® is the first textbook for advanced practice and registered nurses that defines an energetics first integrative holistic approach to care as precision nursing science.


This new groundbreaking textbook from Martha Mathews Libster is the fruit of her 35 years of scientific inquiry and nursing practice as the international go-to professional for integrative holistic nursing. Now, twenty years after publishing Demonstrating Care: The Art of Integrative Nursing, Libster delivers her “energetics first” solution for advanced practice and registered nurses in health care systems often plagued by over-prescription, problems, and pathologies, and seeking alternatives to the de-humanization of care.


Precision Nursing Science incorporates the time-honored knowledge of the energetics of the Elements of Care® – ether, fire, air, water, and earth – with emerging science related to human nature, physiology, and the environment. This bookprovides a fresh perspective on nursing care, practice management, and quality of life for both the patient and the nurse. It fulfills teaching and learning objectives to advance self-care for nurses, transformative reflective practice, culturally informed care, evidence-based integrative holistic nursing interventions, and meaningful therapeutic relationships. This textbook carefully constructs the ethical and clinical foundation supporting each nurse’s unique practice of demonstrating integrative holistic nursing care as person-centered, relationship-centered precision nursing science.


  • Application of the 5 Elements of Care® in creating a unique practice plan
  • Details of the “Energetics First” integrative holistic nursing process
  • Introduction to health culture diplomacy
  • Strategies for communication skills used in building holistic therapeutic relationships
  • 6 case studies with related questions and nurses’ answers
  • Research summaries of evidence-based integrative holistic nursing interventions
  • Recommendations for more than 100 resources for further learning
  • Reflective practice exercises for nurses’ holistic transformation

Precision Nursing Science EPUB

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