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Perspectives on Cultural Diplomacy Volume 1 Nursing    2015

The Perspectives on Cultural Diplomacy series from The Bamboo Bridge Global Tea House is a forum for diplomatic, scholarly discourse and report of state-of-the art research into cultural diplomacy as it relates to all aspects of society including health, education, communication, art, science, religion, and spirituality. The series, which regards cultural diplomacy as a 21st century challenge...

*Promotes global dialog, understanding, pluralism, cooperation, and complementarity with respect for all cultural beliefs and practices

*Emphasizes reviews of important developments in the field

*Presents new ideas in education and practice of cultural diplomacy that promote health, well-being and peace for persons, families, communities, and countries

*Fosters theoretical discussions, publishes studies, and addresses practical implications of cultural diplomacy.

Perspectives on Cultural Diplomacy Vol 1: Nursing EPUB

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