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Dr. Martha Libster's Integrative Herb Guide for Nurses is the first book written by a professional nurse-herbalist to present the ways nurses successfully integrate herbs in caring practice. Today's nurse is more aware of a larger demographic group of patients who continue to use generations-old, plant-based remedies in their own self-care. The guide begins with an introduction to medicinal plants and includes a brief overview of botany, safe use information, and suggestions on how to use the guide in practice. The main body of the guide includes twelve chapters organized by health pattern with profiles of fifty-eight herbs selected for the practicing nurse to know well. Each herb profile demonstrates how to integrate biomedical, traditional, and nursing historical evidence related to the plant in person-centered patient care decisions and practice. The guide concludes with ways nurses can learn more about nurse-herbalism in holistic practice.

Integrative Herb Guide for Nurses EPUB

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