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Demonstrating Care: The Art of Integrative Nursing is an important contribution to Nursing for the 21st century. Martha Libster channels history, theory, science, and the art of Nursing through foundations of clinical practice. These nursing ingredients are then blended throughout the book into a vision of integration with which to align present and future efforts. It is a simple and practical guide yet covers complex concepts with personal examples from the author as well as 10 experienced nurses from different specialties of practice. It includes a new model for integrative practice and human caring. This book serves as an inspiration and honors all that nurses are as well as what they do. It is a reference for “caring fundamentals” to include touch, environment, nutrition, communication, and energy. It is a reference for the integration of complementary healing therapies with biomedical technology. I have personally experienced this book to feed my scholarly, intellectual, physical, and spiritual nursing soul at a time when I question the futility of continuing to be a part of the profession of nursing. This book is a must read for all nurses but especially those who are struggling with current trends in health care and the profession of nursing.

Demonstrating Care: the Art of Integrative Nursing EPUB

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