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Webinar Schedule
for SCI Members*


Cultivating Peace of Mind, Self-awareness, and Service to Humanity with Plants as Partners

Presented by Dr. Martha Libster and Guests

January 5
The Roots of Detoxification: Weeding Unhealthy Attachments with Plants as Partners
February 2
Coping with Change: Eleuthero, Nettles, and other Herbal Agents for Adaptation

March 2
Herbal Remedies for Pain: Headaches, Butterbur, and Beyond
April 6
Plowing Rows of Happiness: New Reports on Treating Depression and How Herbs Help
May 4
Cultivating Patience: Growing and Applying Plant Remedies for Immediate Relief in  Holding Your Peace

June 1
Belonging and Brain Health: Turmeric, Traditions, and the Effects of Togetherness

July 6           
The Buds of Personal Growth: Plants that Enhance Senses and Perception

August 3             
Mystical Union and Peace of Mind: Teachings on Patanjali's Yoga Sutras

September 7  
The Roots of Attention: Healing Human Behavior Problems with Oats and Other Herbal Simples

October 5
Choosing Your Herbal Self-care Pharmacy from Infants to Elders: Assessing Benefits and Risks

November 2
Taking Tea: The Healing Power of Plants as Partners in Cultural Rituals and Traditions

December 7
Overcoming Perfectionism: Can We Simplify Our Lives with Plants as Partners?


*The monthly webinars of the Self-Care Institute are free for members. Non-members are welcome to attend these special events on a month-by-month basis by becoming a Partner of the Institute. We'd love to have you join us! For more information, see our Membership page.

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