Science of Energy Flow®  

Foot Reflexology with Herbal Stress Relief with Dr. Martha Libster

More powerful than a foot massage!

Two Ways to Learn:


  • 3-Hour Recorded Course with Dr. Martha

  • 3-Day Education and Retreat

     Massage Therapists and Body Workers - 24 Contact Hours


​The Science of Energy Flow Foot Reflexology® with Herbal Stress Relief Course provides a step-by-step guide for learning touch, visualization, and herbal techniques for activating energy fields in the feet that correspond to the entire body and its systems. SEF is more than a simple foot massage! 

  • foot reflexology hand techniques

  • herbal foot bath and energy field ablution,

  • advances in physiology and health patterns,

  • soothing and safe essential oil applications to the feet,

  • herbal wraps

Who Should Attend:

  • Massage Therapists and Body Workers (24 Hours CE)

  • Nurses, Aides, and APRNs

  • Family Caregivers

  • Couples

  • Teens interested in Joining the Healing Professions

  • Essential Oil / Aromatherapy Interests

  • Pedicure Technicians 

Registration 3-Hour Recorded Retreat:

Regular Price $1695 for a 3-Day Onsite Course per person - ON HOLD

SALE PRICE  $169  

90% off - Includes SEF Book

Learn at your own pace with Dr. Martha Approximately 3 hours of great video content!


Dr. Martha apprenticed with Margarete Teuwen to practice and teach her European Oma Method of Foot Reflexology with herbs and essential oils (1984 - 1986). 

Dr. Martha received 

Foot Zone Therapy 

Certification from 

Dr. Charles Ersdal in Kristiansand, Norway in 1991

Highlights of Science of Energy Flow® Technique and Book:


  • Essential Oils  - Blending and Topical Application

  • Instructions on SEF Treatment for Self, Family, and Friends

  • Introduction to the Mapping of the Energy Fields in the Feet (Anatomy and Physiology of the Body Scaled Down into the Hologram in the Feet)

  •  The Seven Major Energy Centers Related to the Endocrine and Nervous Systems

  • A repertoire of more than 25 Hand Holds, Positions, and Techniques, such as Kidney Charging Hold, Solar Plexus Release, Foot Bath Ablution, and Tau Spiral Meditation to Activate, Balance, and Harmonize Energy Flow from the Feet

  • Herbal Stress Relief – Foot Baths, Wraps, and Packs

  • Health Promotion, Protection, Boundaries with SEF

  • Guidelines and Research for Professional Practice



SEF is a unique Retreat and Course that incorporates new dimensions from the Science and Art of: 


  • Foot Reflexology (European)

  • Foot Zone Therapy 

  • Physiology

  • Caring and Comfort (Nursing)

  • Topical Herbal Applications

SEF is a gentle but powerful remedy grounded in time-honored healing practices and contemporary scientific research that activates your unique blueprint for wholeness, body memory, and healing of body, mind, and spirit.


After this course, you will have a new "understanding" and will never perceive feet in the same way again!


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