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Nurse-Herbalist Program


Herbalism is a nursing tradition.  Herbalism is nursing practice!

Dr. Martha Libster, Author The Nurse Herbalist (2012)                            


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Legal Issues in Nurse-Herbalism

   with Dr. Martha Libster


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Looking for an Integrative and Holistic Nursing Programs?


Science of Energy Flow® Foot Reflexology with Herbs and Essential Oils Course (Level 1)

Science of Energy Flow® Certified Provider 

Nurse-Herbalist Course (New Courses Coming Spring 2021)

Elements of Care® Program

Elements of Care® Instructor Certification

Medical Marijuana (Cannabis spp) Webinar and Course (Coming Spring 2021)


Nurse-Herbalism Is In Your Professional Roots!


Feeling on the Verge of Burnout?

Dr. Martha Helps You Get Out of the Weeds!


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