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Nurse-Herbalist Program


Herbalism is a nursing tradition. Herbalism is nursing practice!

~ Dr. Martha Libster, Author The Nurse Herbalist (2012)                            


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 Nurse-Herbalist Self-study Downloads


Legal Issues in Nurse-Herbalism with Dr Martha Video on Demand



Foot Reflexology with Herbs and Essential Oils (3 Hours)


Nurse-Herbalist Courses (New Self-study Courses Coming Summer 2021)

Medicinal Marijuana: A Plant Perspective 



Hands-on Programs and Certification Opportunities


Elements of Care® Program


Elements of Care® Certified Instructor 

Foot Reflexology with Herbs and Essential Oils - Science of Energy Flow® (Level 1)

Science of Energy Flow® Certified Provider 



Monthly Webinars with Nurse-Herbalist Community


Become a Member of the Self-Care Institute - Just $29.95 / month






Full Access to the Self-Care Institute



Archive of Courses, Webinars, Downloads, and Discounts on Programs



Annual Membership 12 months for the price of 10 - Save $60

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Learn Nurse-Herbalism Directly from Dr. Martha!



  • Experience Dr. Martha's clinical practice models in action.

  • Master your personal health patterns.

  • Study precision self-care with plants and achieve greater balance in body and peace of mind.


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Nurse-Herbalism Is in Your Professional Roots!


Explore Dr. Martha's award-winning historical research: