• Want to Keep Your Group Engaged from the Beginning to the End of Your Event?

  • Need Healing, Peace, and Balance in Addition to the Work?

It is one of my greatest joys in life to work with you to plan programs and events in which your group can really learn about each other while engaging in the work they must do. We will deliver a memorable and meaningful event! 


About Dr. Martha

Dr. Martha Libster is an award-winning historian, author of seven books, storyteller and poet who will inspire and amaze you. 

She is an international educator and speaker on health care and nursing who has pioneered integrative holistic healthcare, 

nurse-herbalism, and her Elements of Care System of Self-care. Dr. Martha is founding director of the Bamboo Bridge Global Tea House, world cafe events that promote education on health culture diplomacy as the harmony between traditional medicines and newer technologies in the healing arts and sciences in practice from Self-care to biomedical healthcare systems.


Specializing in Personalized Keynotes and Endnotes 


What is Improvisational Poetry?

An engaging endnote experience that creates the perfect memory that synthesizes your event.

  • First - I listen to the contributions attendees make during your event.

  • Second - I weave elements of the contributions with any requested content into a presentation of improvisational poetry read with inspirational cadence. 

  • This Improvisational Poetry experience deeply honors attendees at meetings, conferences, webinars, funerals, and ceremonies. 

All Personalized Presentations!

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