What is the Elements of Care®?


The Elements of Care is a Self-care program in which the focus is 5 P’s:

  • Partnership with Healing Plants,

  • Health Pattern Recognition,

  • Primary Prevention,

  • and promotion of health as balance in body and Peace of mind. 

The EOC is rooted in an ancient Gentle Medicine philosophy that is universal and foundational to all healing traditions. Hermetic philosophy suits every creed and health belief and clashes with none. The five elements of hermeticism are those that make up all creation - fire, air, water, earth, and ether, which is known as “pneuma” or essence by the ancient Greeks. The platform and goal for the design of Self-care is to incorporate scientific knowledge of these five elements in a Self-care plan that addresses the energetic patterns unique to the person and their relationship to the environment in which they live and serve humanity.


The EOC is a program for Self-care education rather than a biomedical treatment system. Based on the historical research and more than 30 years of clinical nursing practice of Dr. Martha Libster and other health scientists, Self-care is complementary to any biomedical treatment and foundational to a nation’s sustainable primary healthcare model for the promotion of healthy environments and well-being. Plants are not “prescribed” in the EOC system. People are trained to recognize their own health patterns and the ways in which Gentle Medicines from plants and other non-drug solutions are best applied in the care of self and family. 


The Self-care League members are public and professional instructors trained in the EOC. The Self-care League Medical Science Liaison team are licensed RNs and advanced practice registered nurses (APRNs) who train and support the Self-care League public members and instructors. The EOC’s health culture diplomacy philosophy guides the work of the Self-care League. It involves the consideration and integration of energetic, traditional, physiological, and biomedical evidence and resources in the support of Self-care decision making and actions. Self-care is a time-honored tradition that is a personal right and responsibility. 


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