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Healing Journeys

5-minute Documentary of Program to Inspire Connection with Plants for High School Students Interested in Health Careers. Funded by the NC Arts Council.

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Dr. Martha Mathews Libster, PhD, APRN, Founder and Executive Director of the Self-care Institute at Golden Apple Healing Arts and Publisher for Golden Apple Publications is an innovative education designer, master teacher trainer, author, and consultant in integrative healthcare systems, higher education, nursing, botanical medicine, behavioral health, and public Self-care program design and analysis. Dr. Libster is a historian, storyteller, and improvisational poet who helps people, organizations, and communities discover the “medicine in their stories.” She is an expert historian and pattern scientist, a gift that enables her to provide precise solutions for her clients. 


Dr. Libster is known internationally for her clinical and scholarly contributions to the development of integrative health, primarily the safe and effective incorporation of herbal remedies in care systems, nursing practice and public Self-care, that utilizes knowledge from biomedical and indigenous / traditional healing perspectives. For 25 years, she has practiced and taught the integration of traditional Chinese herbal medicine philosophy and formulation and western nursing science. Her healthcare model, the Elements of Care® program that promotes precision Self-care with plants as partners is published for professional nurses in The Nurse-Herbalist (2012) and for the public in Gentle Medicine for Balance in Body and Peace of Mind (2020).


Dr. Libster is described by her clients, readers, and students as an inspirational, ground- breaking, approachable, and visionary healthcare leader who embodies her historical finding that “kindness is the remedy of remedies." She is inspired by people and plants and a dream that she had in her 20’s in which a wise teacher told her, “You have the power within you to heal yourself!” Her search for knowing more about this “power within”catapulted her into a life work of great depth and breadth.


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