Dr. Martha Mathews Libster, Ph.D., MSN, APRN-CNS, Founding Director of Golden Apple Healing Arts, a Self-Care Institute, and Publisher at Golden Apple Publications, is our principle trainer, consultant, and Founder of the Elements of Care System. She brings a unique plant perspective, that is a life-long passion for understanding the relationship between people and plants, to every design, project, and program. She helps clients to make important decisions related to the benefits and risks of any health service or product from biomedical treatment options for pain and illness to complementary therapies for health promotion, especially choosing botanical products and applications. Clients contact Dr. Libster because they know that she delivers the highest quality care solutions that sort out the science from the suspect and the traditional from the trivial.


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The Ivy League Herbal Diplomats, Medical Science Liaisons, and Teachers, all working together to find greater ways to integrate traditions and emerging science in your community.


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