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Holistic Care: Services and Specialties
(Office; On-Line; Phone)
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   Services: Holistic Care/Education and Counseling
Holistic Care/Education:
Gentle Remedies for Healing Body, Mind and Spirit

Dr. Martha's Initial Holistic Nursing Consultation   (Print Brochure)
Available Phone, On-Line, or Office

2.5 Hr
  Brief Healing Retreat Package (Available Face-to-Face Only)
Includes 2.5 hr  Initial Holistic Nursing Consultation and 3 - 1.5 Hour Sessions
7 Hr
Brief Healing Retreat Package (On-Line)
Includes Same as Above but without SEF® Treatment
         7 Hr       $455
  Brief Holistic Phone Consultation
15- 30 Min
 $30 - 50
  Nurse-Herbalism (See above - Holistic Nursing Consultation)      
  Science of Energy Flow - Foot Reflexology
Includes Herbal Foot Bath and Wrap
60 Min  $100  
  Jin Shin Jyutsu     60 Min  $100  
  Zumbini  6 Group 45 Minute Sessions up to 8 Couplets
                   (Includes Zumbini Music CD and Story Book a $35 value)

1st 6 $50 
2cnd 6 $15
  Infant Massage Classes   (age 0-3)
             3 one-hour Private Sessions for Infants and Caregivers
  Infant Massage Classes    (age 0-3)
             3 one-hour Group Sessions for Infants and Caregivers
  Gentle Healer Within™ Imagery Session
      90 Min
  Dance Healing Session Private 60 Min
      Sliding Scales
Are Available


   Counseling: Gentle Remedies for Solving Tough Problems
   Solution-Focused Counseling (Adults)  
Depression  Anxiety  Stress  •  Adjustment Crisis
Spiritual Distress Grief
 45 Min
   Infant - Parent/Caregiver Counseling (0-3)
        Premature Baby  Adoption  Feeding/Sleep problems  Autism
        Behavior Changes
 45 Min  $75  
   Holistic Parents Group (4 couples)
   Communication  Divorce  Stress/Anger Management
   • Parenting  Holistic Home Remedies
 60 Min
   Play Therapy/Counseling for Children
 Behavior Problems Obesity Indigo/Psychic Children
 Developmental Delays AdjustmentAnxiety Communication
 30 Min
   Print Brochures:
  Consultation and Healing Retreat
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