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Holistic Health Consultation

A Healing Retreat and Consultation
with Dr. Martha Libster
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Please know that when you come to this healing retreat either physically or by phone, I provide a very different perspective on your health than what you have encountered in the biomedical culture of hospitals and doctor's offices. While my holistic integrative approach assures that you will be able to fully utilize all that you know about your condition from your biomedical experience, you will develop additional perspectives and  understanding from engaging in new ideas and opportunities for healing.

Integration is a quality of heart! My heart's desire is to help you find the best constellation of remedies that will ensure greater comfort, understanding, and peace about the lessons your body is giving you at this time. The remedies are powerful but gentle.  While I am an expert in caring science and typically do not make claims to "cure," people who have seen me have been cured. Curing and healing are not the same thing. A person can be healed and not cured. Healing is experienced as change - usually as a change in perception of a bodily condition or a change in health belief.  My observation of over 20 years in practice is that curing and healing are a result of a connection with the inner wisdom of the body

Healing Traditions around the globe are founded upon the health beliefs of people that often have been reflected in community health practices for centuries if not millennia. At Golden Apple Healing Arts, you will be introduced to numerous healing traditions from many cultures. My integrative approach also includes substantial experience in the biomedical culture as a Registered Nurse and Advanced Practice Nurse Psychotherapist (Masters Degree). My doctoral work and subsequent historical projects as a health care historian has served to heighten, refine, and activate my intuitive abilities to perceive your health patterns and their relationship to the environment, the people who influence you, and the spiritual patterns of growth that influence all sentient beings.

The purpose of the first visit is for me to clearly identify your health patterns and suggest gentle remedies tailored specifically for you. I will look at your tongue, feel your pulses, give you a foot treatment, and do a thorough assessment of your health history with a specific focus on your body's signs and symptoms that you are experiencing in the present moment. I often suggest Bach Flower Remedies (based upon our discussion) to help clarify your health patterns. All core health concerns are rooted in emotion. Persistent health concerns are rooted in persistent emotion. Bach Flowers help to move emotions and therefore help you to deal in a very deep way with your physical health concerns. I also use a solution-focused health counseling approach that will also help you to recognize and mobilize your inner and outer resources to find greater understanding and resolution to those health concerns. You are always in control of what you choose to share and do during and after our consultations. I tell patients, "I will set the table just like a buffet with many ideas for health and healing. What you choose to do in any given moment is up to you."  You have the power within you to heal yourself.  As a nurse I will serve as counselor, guide, and interpreter during your discover of your personal inner healer.

I use a tiered system of care. This means that my first priority (the first tier) is to recommend remedies that you can easily make and apply yourself at home. These are called "simples." The second tier of care includes those remedies that I provide to you as your health counselor.

These include:

  • Personalized herbal formulations - traditional Chinese and western herbalism.
  • Solution focused counseling and accessing Body Wisdom through Imagery
  • Foot reflexology with herbal applications
  • Jin Shin Jyutsu
The third tier: I work with you and your physician and health providers to be sure that your plan of care meets your needs spiritually, mentally, and emotionally as well as physically.
I will research the health literature and databases and then review all information
with you to help you make informed healthcare decisions. Having designed and
implemented a number of health information and resource centers and programs, I am well versed in guiding you as you make the choices that will have a powerful impact on your life and that of your family.

A few notes about our time together:
  1. The instructional part of the session is recorded for you so that you do not have to take notes.
  2. Your session is completely confidential and I have a paper you will read and sign with my practice policy that states this.
  3. The first visit is 2.5 hours and the consultation fee is $250 payable at the time of service by credit card, cash, or check.
    I look forward to speaking with you soon!
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