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Integrative Herb Guide - Informed Choice

Integrative Herb Guide for Nurses is the first book written by a nurse/clinical herbalist to present the ways nurses can successfully integrate herb therapies into a caring practice alongside more conventional biomedical therapies.

The Herb Guide is organized by common health patterns. Learn to choose herbs that will safely effect health and healing by integrating evidence from biomedical herb research and historical traditional uses of healing plants.

Herbs were once a major source of the remedies used in healing. The development of synthetic drugs during the twentieth century largely replaced the use of herbal therapies in nursing practice. This trend is beginning to change again, however, as nurses now encounter patients turned health care consumers who actively seek alternatives or complements to biomedical treatments, such as herbal therapies. Today's nurse is also becoming more aware of a larger group of patients who continue to use generations-old, plant-based remedies. The Herb Guide begins with an introduction to medicinal plants and includes a brief overview of botany, safe use information, and suggestions on how to use the Herb Guide in practice. The main body of the Herb Guide includes twelve chapters profiling fifty-eight herbs. Each chapter contains practical information on how to integrate plant-based therapies into patient care. The Herb Guide concludes by showing nurses ways they can learn more about the use of plant therapies in holistic practice and includes a sample curriculum for a thirty-two week introductory course on the integrative use of plant therapies. 

Also available in CD-ROM

  • "This book is an excellent guide for both conventional and holistic practitioners as well as nurses."    American Herb Association Quarterly


  • "Finally, an herb book written by a nurse for nurses... It focuses attention on herbal therapies that address a patient's pattern of response to an illness rather than the disease process... An inspiring book at a bargain price."   Herbalgram
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