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Dr. Martha's office is located at the Tau Center in the MarianJoy Rehabilitation Hospital - Wheaton, Illinois

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Welcome to Golden Apple Healing Arts!

We are a Holistic Health Center that specializes in the reduction of stress and discomfort through holistic healthcare, self-care support services, and education programs. 
At Golden Apple Healing Arts you will find many opportunities to deepen your connection with your inner healer-teacher with the support of a network of committed professionals. Our stress reduction, health and consultation services, education programs,  and publications help you to re-discover and strengthen that power within you to heal yourself, your family, organization, and community.

At Golden Apple Healing Arts we:
  • Reduce Stress and Discomfort (Physical, Mental, Emotional, Spiritual)
  • Teach Transformational Self-Care Practices
  • Engage the Power of The Gentle Healer Within
  • Provide Quality Holistic Care and Counseling for All Health Problems (Online and Face-to-Face)
  • Promote Plant Partnerships in Making Personal "Medicine"
  • Offer Retreats, Workshops, and Consultation for Individuals, Families, Healthcare Providers, Organizations, and Communities
  • Integrate Ancient Healing Traditions and New Healing Science 
  • Build Caring Communities Through Healing and Learning Circles
Dr. Martha Mathews Libster, the Creative Director, draws upon more than 25 years in  holistic healthcare, nursing, and research. She is an Advanced Practice Holistic Psychiatric Clinical Nurse Specialist who integrates the nursing science of care and comfort with modern health technologies and extensive experience in the ancient healing and wisdom traditions East and West. She guides people in the removal of the barriers to health - stress and discomfort - while promoting health as the greatest experience of comfort and peace in the body. This comfort and peace is described in ancient healing traditions as "harmony" and "balance." Dr. Martha is delighted to bring care and comfort to you, your family, organization, or community.

Consider Golden Apple Healing Arts when you want to solve tough health problems, make informed health decisions, create and sustain a healthy lifestyle, adjust to life changes with ease rather than dis-ease, and access new health care resources you may never have thought existed - within and without!

Begin Your Personal Healthcare Reform Program With Us!

Dr. Martha Mathews Libster

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